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So what exactly is Asbestos? Asbestos is a set of minerals that many builders have used for their particular properties for use in buildings and homes in years past. These days the use of Asbestos for commercial use is very limited and restricted in many areas, but in many cases it it has been banned altogether. You can typically find Asbestos in older building properties. Its most common use can be found in electrical insulation primarily for things such as hotplate wiring, and standard building installation for its resistance to fire or heat. It was also a very inexpensive material used for building purposes.


In order to properly remove the Asbestos from a building, the area in which the Asbestos exists must be isolated or sealed off in effort to prevent further contamination. This can be done whether people are in the building or home. It is NOT recommended that you attempt to perform an Asbestos removal on your own. It is extremely important to contact a company who is certified and licensed in handling Phoenix Asbestos Removal procedures. Leave this to a professional.

It is important to wear a bio hazard suit when removing Asbestos and proper breathing equipment as well as masks. It is a severe health hazard to inhale these fibers. We also use different types of negative air pressure machines equipped with HEPA filters to minimize the Asbestos from going into the air. In order to properly remove Asbestos successfully, these procedures must be implemented to make for a safe environment for all until the Asbestos abatement methods are completed.

In some cases, a building containing Asbestos can be torn down and rebuilt in order to prevent any further Asbestos contamination. Our team of Phoenix Asbestos abatement professionals can approach your Asbestos problems with care, and execute a proper plan to thoroughly remove all Asbestos.

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Facts About Asbestos
The inhalation of Asbestos fibers or prolonged inhalation of these particular fibers can cause very serious illness and diseases such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. This is why Asbestos removal is so much of a needed service in Phoenix, Arizona. There are still many older homes with popcorn ceilings which usually contain Asbestos and both landlords and homeowners have been removing these types of ceiling from their properties. It really does depend on how the Asbestos was applied to the building as to warrant its removal because it can pose a serious health risk for individuals using the building on a day to day basis.

Asbestos can be made into an airborne dust on its own, or as they refer to this in the industry as being “friable”. This is exactly why a popcorn ceiling in a home is not a safe living environment for its inhabitants.