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Carefree AZ Mold Damage Inspectors

Carefree AZ Mold Damage Inspection Special is only $99! ASAP Restoration, LLC offers affordable mold inspection services to homeowners, realtors, and business owners. We inspect your property for the lowest price in town under $100. You can’t beat that. We will provide a visual inspection of the property so that you can be certain of the fact of whether or not the building has mold growth. We will have one of our mold damage inspectors identify contaminated areas and do a walk through of the property in order to identify mold growth and contamination.

When do I need a mold inspection?

  • If you suspect mold is in your home
  • If there is a unique unpleasant smell that doesn’t go away
  • You have a water leak or water damaged area
  • You are purchasing a property or a home
  • Your realtor has referred you to a mold inspector
  • A home improvement professional suspects mold in your home
  • You think you may have identified mold growth in you property

Common Types of Mold:

  •  Cladosporium  – can appear grey, green, brown or black
  •  Aspergillus – can be yellow, green, white, black, grey or brown commonly found on walls and insulation
  •  Penicillium – can look green, blue or white can either be found on walls, insulation, and even food
  •  Ulocladium – can be grey or black grows in moist or humid areas of the property
  •  Acremonium – can be white, brown, or grey however it can commonly grow on walls, drywall or sheet rock as well as man different places throughout the property
  •  Stachybotrys – This is a dangerous black mold
  •  Alternaria – grey or black, can grow on areas like window seals, door areas, and areas that are highly dusty

It is important to screen your home for mold damage or mold growth especially if you are in the process of purchasing the home. The worst mistake one can make is to buy a property that was not inspected for mold that ends up being contaminated by mold growth. It makes for hazardous living conditions, and will not be livable until the mold growth is completely removed.


Mold Testing


Benefits of a mold inspection

There are many benefits to having a mold inspection on your property. Initially, you can prevent yourself from investing in a property that has mold contamination, or you can elect to offer less on the property considering the mold must be removed from the property depending on your reasons for purchasing the property. Peace of mind, if you suspect mold, it is important to make certain that mold either exists or does not exist in the property so as to prevent health hazards for you and your family. In the case of the commercial property owner, prevent lawsuits and make sure that the well being of either employees or tenants is an area of concern on behalf of the property owner(s).

A mold inspection can help you understand the amount of mold growth (if any) as well as to help classify the mold growth inside of the property. The more we know about the type of mold that exists in a property, the more we can effectively come up with a precise plan to properly remove the mold from the building or home. It is important to make sure the mold is properly classified, especially in the case of black mold. We need to understand the degree of health risk we are dealing with in order to properly remove the mold so that we can prevent it from growing or developing again.

Take advantage of our Carefree mold inspection special, it’s a great deal and it makes sense if you have suspicion that mold is growing in your home. Call ASAP Restoration, LLC now at (602) 515-7918 for all of your mold concerns or questions.

We also provide the following services in addition to Carefree mold inspection:

  • Mold Damage Restoration
  • Mold Damage Remediation
  • Mold Damage Removal
  • Mold Testing

Our team of certified mold professionals are experts in the field of mold inspection and removal. We are a licensed contractor and have years of experience in the mold remediation industry. It is important to hire a professional to assist you with any mold issues.